OHRIA Ayurveda

‘Roopam, Gunam, Vayastyag, Iti Shubhanga Karanam’

According to Ayurveda, beauty comprises outer, inner and lasting beauty.Nourish your mind & body, connect with your inner self. Celebrate your own magnificenceand your beauty will always shine through. Ohria stands for natural ayurvedic products made from formulations passed on by ancestors of Ayurved Acharyas (Teachers) in Rishikesh, whose fore fathers served the royalty in ancient India who passed on the knowledge and preparation of oils, butters, salves. Following traditional authentic ayurvedic formulation. Learning all the secrets of plants, herbs collecting each herb by appropriate chanting of mantras before sunrise, they followed him everywhere watching and learning.

Ohria Ayurveda Bathing Bar

Fresh Handmade skin brightening bathing bar with natural cleansing and nourishing agents Besan Gram flour Lentils Turmeric and Goat Milk traditionally...

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Ohria Ayurveda Facial Mist

Rose Facial Mist. Highly potent pure organic mist to refresh revitalize and hydrate. Helps maintain a healthy pH reduce inflammation and tighten pores...

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Ohria Ayurveda Pavithram

The Divine Gift Box - The divine immortal drink of devas Amrit as described in the Samudra Manthan legend. Perfect gift for this Dhanteras as Lord Dha...

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Ohria Ayurveda Sumangalam

The Auspicious Gift Box - Perfect Divine collection to worship Laxmi-Ganesh this Deepavali. The traditional Ayurvedic Haldi and saffron are offered to...

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