Ambika Appalam Depot

Every great business starts with a simple idea. AMBIKAs business dates back to the pre-Independence era of 1920 in the quaint streets of Triplicane, where they resided. They noticed that while people enjoyed a nice South Indian meal accompanied with curries, cooked veggies, ghee, thokku, pickle etc they wanted something crunchy to complete the meal, this sparked the idea of selling papadams and appalams to the people of the locality. What started as a simple local business by the father was transformed into a large scale established business by his son and founder Mr.K.A.Velayudhan under the brand name Ambika Appalams in 1976. With multiple outlets across the city, decades of consistent customer satisfaction and good will, the brand strives to place themselves as the perfect concoction of regional tastes with food innovation. 

Ambika's range of products include Appalam (Rice Crackers), Granulated Instant Mix Powders, Snacks, Savouries, Vathals (Sun-Dried vegetables) and Pickles. UrbanTokri offers you range of products from Ambika Appalam Depot, Chennai


Ambika Appalam - 325gms

This kerala papad is puffy and lightly salted, it?s perfect for a hearty south Indian meal. In Kerala papadams are also crushed and relished with paya...

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Ambika Karabundi - 200gms

When there is nothing in the fridge but just a tub of yoghourt pour some yoghourt into a bowl and top it with a generous amount of karabundhi and you ...

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