Snacks & Savouries


 Indian sweets tend to eclipse the country’s more savory offerings. Immensely popular the world over, these ghee-laden, sugar-filled morsels are a must-have at weddings and festivals, and for those sweet-tooth moments that could occur at any time. But there’s a whole world of crispy, fried savory snacks that most non-Indians are missing out on, and it goes well beyond the ever-popular samosa. From flat, hand-patted thattai and intricate twists of murukku, to spiced, potato-filled bondas and piping-hot onion bhajis there are endless varieties of savory snacks from different parts of India.  While some are hole-in-the-wall eateries that only locals frequent (along with the lucky tourist who has chanced to stumble across it), others are glitzy, well-known shops that lure people in with the promise of sweets and snacks to please even the fussiest palate. In a chapter about the cooking of our early ancestors, eminent Food historian K.T.Achaya notes that snacks such as “murukku and boondi are carried on long journeys because rice and chappathi would be inedible in a day or two.”Our superior packaging is tight-locked to retain freshness and for your peace of mind.

A1 Jackfruit Chips - 200g

A well known Munchies from the Gods Own Country homemade snack from the homes of Kerala made from perfectly aged jackfruit and deep fried in PURE COCO...

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Ambika Appalam - 325gms

This kerala papad is puffy and lightly salted, it?s perfect for a hearty south Indian meal. In Kerala papadams are also crushed and relished with paya...

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Ambika Karabundi - 200gms

When there is nothing in the fridge but just a tub of yoghourt pour some yoghourt into a bowl and top it with a generous amount of karabundhi and you ...

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