Agarbathi stand on plate

Colourful incense stick holders with cone work and handpainted designs. Light and insert the incense sticks, and get soaked int he aroma! Colour shipp...

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PEI-P020-Antique Urliwithhandle-001.jpeg

Antique Urli with handle

Antique finish Urli with engraved patterns and handle. Can be used to decorate with flowers or as a potpourri dish. This product is non-returnable. Ex...

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Picture of Black Metal Candle Stand

Black Metal Candle Stand

The item is made up of Black Metal. These Decorative Candle Stand gives a cohesive look to any given space be it near garden living room dining area c...

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Picture of Brass Dhooba Arathi

Brass Dhooba Arathi

Dhoobakal is a vessel used for burning the Dhoop Sambrani to purify the air. It is made of Brass. It also avoids the heat being passed to the hand. It...

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Conework single bell

Natural terracotta bell with black and gold handpainted pattern. Mild cone work patterns add to its charm. This product is non-returnable. Exchange or...

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Conework single bell Black

Single black bell with red cone work and tiny pieces of mirror. This product is non-returnable. Exchange or Refund will not be made against a non-retu...

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Conical Dome with bell

Handcrafted conical bell with small terracotta bells hanging below. Thepatterns have been handpainted adding to its appeal. This product is non-return...

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Decorative Antique Urli

Subtle colours minimalistically designed patterns and a smooth finish make this Urli one of the best pieces of decor for your home.Size : 19x19x5 cm W...

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Decorative Lunch Bag

Key Features - Elephant Fabrication - Size : 33 x 2 x 38 cm. Weight : 200 grams. Material : Poly Canvas, PU handles, Polyester lining inside. Colour :...

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Decorative Square Wallet

Key Features - Royal Tusker - Size : 11.5 x 2.5 x 11.5 cm. Weight : 85 grams. Material : Faux Leather, Polyester lining inside. Colour : Green. Care I...

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Decorative Zipper Wallet

Key Features - King Procession - Size : 21 x 2.5 x 11 cm. Weight : 624 grams. Material : Faux Leather, Polyester lining inside. Colour : Pink. Care In...

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Dome with layers of bells

A terracotta dome bell in yellow orange and black with smaller bells as the second layer. This product is non-returnable. Exchange or Refund will not ...

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