TERRA Organic Foods

TERRA Foods believes in using ingredients as the earth gives it to us... unrefined, real, fresh, unpolished, natural, unbleached, unprocessed, unbromated, unsulphured... that's why they coined the term "Earthfood". They also believe in giving back to the earth by going organic and eco-friendly to the maximum.

At Terrafoods, theirs is a gluten-free facility and most of their items are vegan and even suit a GFCF diet. You can be assured that

everything is whole... where we use only "whole" ingredients that are unprocessed, unrefined, unpolished, unsulphured, unbromated as in unrefined oils, unpolished grains, unsulphured dry fruits, unprocessed palm sugar and so on...mindful is the norm... where all our actions are mindful - right from storing raw materials in non-toxic utensils like stainless steel or glass, never using non-stick pans, microwaves etc to prepare anything, using artisan and handmade methods of preparation so the cook is connected with the food and is a guardian of that process, keeping the workplace extremely clean and more...the old becomes new... where we re-introduce the forgotten (with the use of ethnic millets like thinai, or traditional palm candy etc)...where we re-present a classic...for example, we have the Fig & Honey Thinai Ladoo ( foxtail millet ladoo)- it plays on a combination mentioned in Tamil classics - Thinai and Honey but blended with a contemporary classic pairing like Fig & Honey - makes it a whole new ladoo altogether...where we re-invent the known (like changing up a traditional Mysore pak into our version - the Cocoa Mysore Pak, Filter Coffee Mysore Pak..)...the welcome is warm... where we wish the welcome be warm whether it is our staff or a customer..In terms of staff we aim to be a great place to work in terms of welcome, warmth, kindness and support. For our customers, we wish to be a destination they like to bring their friends over to... rather than just a store to shop in.. each plate is art... where we celebrate attention to detail in terms of making everything look good..whether it is the shape of a ladoo, the "roundness" of a thattai, the packing box, the labels, the way we send items to other stores, how we present our live food in the store...it all matters and reflects care. Also we never wanted to apologize for a food saying it is healthy and so it looks a bit sorry! Attention to aesthetics in itself will make this a more appealing choice to anyone , not necessarily a health nut!... the spirit is green...where we are as green as possible operationally - we use probiotic cleaners rather than chemicals to clean the floor, natural materials to clean vessels, We try to use unbleached cardboard, unbleached paper packing wherever possible, we maximise the use of old furniture in the office and store, give our leftover vegetables to cows.. and of course we go organic...