About Us

Global Mindset. Local Expertise.

URBANTOKRI.COM (fulfilled by Pro-EnergyIndia.com) is a global online marketplace that lets international sellers sell their goods to the buyers to a global audience. The sellers charge low prices based on the prices in their home countries, plus shipping. With the advent of new technology, shipping prices are reducing every day. The platform aims to create a level playing field for sellers across the world with big companies and to pass on savings to customers by cutting multiple middlemen.

For those of you, who pay rocket high prices for Indian products, UrbanTokri lets you buy directly from local sellers in India, so that you can save money. If you struggle to find Indian products in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and France. UrbanTokri lets you buy from a huge collection of curated Indian products directly from local sellers in India, so that you enjoy all the riches of your home country at reasonable prices.

None can beat the Indians over the love for our Indian products and home grown brands. However we have realized that we either spend too much money buying Indian items from stores within USA or other abroad based websites which charge exorbitant amounts and often sell sub-standard quality. When we dug deeper, we found that the greedy sellers and multiple layers of middlemen involved in the distribution of Indian goods make the lives of both the manufacturers and consumers of Indian goods, miserable. We feel the same pain and frustration about the high prices and quality of the goods sold by the local merchants. We successfully overcame this problem by connecting and purchasing directly from the artisans and merchants. We also helped our early customers save money by having them buy directly from the end merchants through our platform and save money.

We are a small family run business and buying through us, we guarantee that you would get:

1. 100% Customer Satisfaction

2.Save money- Buy more for you and your family within the same budget

3. Save time - By having the products directly delivered to your doorstep without having to bother your friends and family in India

4. Contribute - Make world a fairer place by buying from direct manufacturers, cottage industry artisans and merchants, who make decent profits and pass you the savings directly.