Haldiram is India's one of the most popular brand for snacks and Sweets. Offers a wide range of Sweets, Namkeens, Cookies, frozen food. At UrbanTokri, we source only those Haldiram Products that are not usually available abroad. Order with confidence and re-connect your hearts back to Bikaner.

Product photo of Gujrati Kachori from Haldirams in India

Gujrati Kachori 400gms

Haldiram's crispy kachoris stuffed with tangy spicy filling of crushed ganthiyas and flavoured and tempered with basic spices. These can be stored for...

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Kaju Burfi (Katli) 400gms

Haldiram kaju katli a famous Indian product and high selling product in festival season. It is made with cashew and sugar. What began as a small-town ...

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Product photo of Khajoor Wafer Burfi from Haldirams in India

Khajoor Wafer Burfi 400gms

Traditional Indian sweet made with dry nuts and topped with Wafer. Shelf Life 30 Days. Ingredients : Dates Almond Cashewnut Wafer Wheat Flour Edible V...

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Product photo of Mewa Ladoo from Haldirams in India

Mewa Ladoo 400gms

An exotic Indian dessert served across occasions. They are made out of besan boondi balls fried in ghee and soaked in sugar syrup. These ladoos mainly...

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Product photo of Milk Cake from Haldirams in India

Milk Cake 400gms

Haldiram's Milk Cake is made From 100% Natural Ingredients Like Milk Sugar Liquid Glucose Pistachios. Perfect Gift For Marriage Diwali Holi Rakshaband...

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Product photo of Moong Burfi from Haldirams in India

Moong Burfi 400gms

Traditional Indian barfi made with Moong dal flour khoya nutmeg mace and sugar. Shelf Life - 10 Days. Nutritional Value - Energy 469 Kcal Fat 26g Carb...

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Product photo of Moti Choor Laddoo from Haldirams in India

Moti Choor Laddoo 400gms

Shelf Life of product is 15 days from the date of packaging. Traditional Indian melt in mouth ladoos made with sugar syrup soaked boondi milk desi ghe...

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Product photo of Nimki Suwali from Haldirams in India

Nimki Suwali 500gms

Ingredients : Refined Wheat Flour (Maida) Edible Vegetable Oil Edible Salt Bishop's Seed Black Pepper Coriander Sesame Cumin and Fennel. No Artificial...

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Product photo of Roll Pole from Haldirams in India

Roll Pole 150gms

Haldiram's Waffy chocolate rolls Chocolate cream Waffy Combo Pack Choco Roll Weight 150 g. Ingredients : Sugar Wheat Flour (Maida) Refined Palm Oil Co...

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