It's time to indulge in your childhood and the games that we all played as children. We bring to you traditional games that will rekindle your childhood and revive forgotten memories to pass on to the next generation.

Photo depicting the Traditional Great Gilli Danda by Kreeda

The Great Gilli Danda

A game played with a stick and a peg this outdoor game requires remarkable hand eye co-ordination. This Kreeda version has smooth edges and rounded co...

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Photo depicting the Traditional Chaupad by Kreeda

The Traditional Chaupad

Chaupad A Traditional Indian Dice Game - Perhaps no other game is played in so many different variations all over India as Chaupad. The variations oft...

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Photo depicting the Traditional Githe by Kreeda

The Traditional Githe

In the colourful alleys of Rajasthan the game of 5 stones is played with beautifully handcrafted game pieces made of lac. Kreeda introduces these spec...

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Photo depicting the Traditional Hoop Stick by Kreeda

The Traditional Hoop Stick

The thrill of rolling a cycle tyre along the road has long brought smiles of glee to young and old alike. There is always something magical about a wh...

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