Grand Sweets and Snacks

A South Indian Tradition, since 1982. Mr. Ganapathy Natarajan is the father of The Grand Sweets And Snacks. The story of The Grand Sweets And Snacks is incomplete without Mr. Natarajan’s wife, Srimati Bangaruamma. Her culinary skills, soaked in her personal recipes, is the secret to the special and unique South Indian taste of The Grand Sweets And Snacks. The main offerings at The Grand Sweets And Snacks are the unique and specialized South Indian sweets, snacks, podis, thokkus and countless others. The specialty items of the Grand Sweets And Snacks are the adhirasam, the murukkus, the mixture and several other classics. The Grand Sweets And Snacks are particular about not using preservatives in any of our preparations.

Because of the homely feel of the store and the quality of the products, the word about the brand soon started spreading. The most important part of The Grand Sweets And Snacks is the innate South Indian culture that lies at the heart of the brand. Over the years, the brand too has become an inseparable part of the Tamil culture and has turned into, what many call ‘A South Indian Tradition‘.

As the demand for these sweets and snacks grew and our store started to grow into an even larger enterprise, the kitchen had to expand. The cooks and masters were cherry picked so as to preserve the esteemed name of this brand. Each person in the kitchen is an expert in his or her specialized dish. The masters and cooks are the driving force behind the dishes and the delicacies that are offered at the stores. There are more than 50 masters who keep the show running. With new masters on-board, the offerings of the store also expanded.

The core of The Grand Sweets and Snacks is to fulfill each and every Food - wish of the customer across the globe.


Grand Sweets Athirasams

Athirasam is a very traditional and popular sweet dish among Tamilians. Traditionally it was prepared for the Sankranti festival with new rice which h...

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