Ohria Ayurveda Divine Nectar Bath

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OHRIA Ayurveda
All Skin type. Hydrating Purifying Rejuvenating. 1pc Amrit Ras Bathing Bar 50gm. 1pc Amrit Ras Shower Wash 100ml. 1pc Amrit Ras Facial Cleanser 100ml. This unique purifying collection is based on Ancient Indian tradition utilizing sattvic botanicals to produce goodness and nectar enhancing natural glow from within. Application of sattvic botanicals purify and calm skin externally. Product 1: Amrit ras Bathing Bar- The divine rejuvenating bathing bar with a unique blend of sattvic botanicals that produce goodness and nectar thereby improving skin quality and enhancing natural glow. Nourishing traditional cleansers Revitalize soften nourish and soothe. Product 2: Amrit Ras Shower Wash A unique blend of sattvic botanicals that according to Ayurveda produce goodness and nectar thereby improving skin quality and enhancing natural glow. Botanicals as used in Ancient Indian tradition for divine cleansing like tulsi coconut milk ghee sugar honey dates and cardamom strengthen distress and purify and promote youth and longevity. Product 3: Amrit Ras Facial Cleanser The divine rejuvenating cleanser with a unique blend of sattvic botanicals used in ancient Indian tradition to produce goodness and nectar enhancing natural glow. Nourishing cleansers like Ghee Honey milk Tulsi coconut Banana purify hydrate cleanse and distress.
Usage - Amrit Ras Bathing Bar- Apply bathing bar on wet skin to gently cleanse lather and rinse well. Amrit Ras Shower Wash - Take a small amount. Apply on wet skin lather. Rinse well. Amrit Ras Facial Cleanser - Massage small amount on face and neck in upward strokes. Remove with wet cotton or Rinse well. Ingredients - Banana. Coconut Milk. Cardamom. Tulsi. Honey. Goat Milk. Bananas are rich in natural oils potassium carbohydrates and minerals which help in softening the hair and protect the hair?s natural elasticity preventing split ends and breakage.
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