Kerala Ayurveda Kumkumadi Oil - 30ml

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A bit expensive, but very useful in ehancing the brightness of the face.


A healthy glowing skin is what everyone desires. It is a universal desire to look good and healthy skin can help make your dream a reality. There are many cosmetic products in the market that promise good looking skin but the problem is that most of these products use harmful chemicals and can cause allergic reactions in the long run. Some ingredients like parabens are even believed to cause cancer. It is no wonder that people today prefer chemical-free and natural beauty products. One such product for the skin is Kumkumadi Oil. Kumkumadi Oil for face and skin is an Ayurvedic formulation using traditional ingredients that are known to be highly beneficial for the complexion of the skin. The ingredients used in the formulation are known to help brighten the skin improve complexion texture and glow as well as minimize scars and acne. The key ingredient in the Kumkumadi Tailam is the kumkum flower which is known as saffron. It is blended with other skincare ingredients that greatly benefit the skin and make this an ideal addition to your skincare routine. Kumkumadi oil is an all-rounder oil to clean your skin completely and maintain the complexion for a long time. According to Ayurveda Kumkumadi oil is a wonderful elixir possessing all the necessary properties to help your body get rid of impurities both internally and externally.

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How to Use Kumkumadi Oil

This highly recommended oil can be applied on clean skin and gently massage upwards. After massaging Kumkumadi Oil for at least ten minutes, it must be allowed to dry before washing it off. Benefits of the Kumkumadi Oil are best experienced with daily usage.

Kumkumadi Tailam/Oil Uses And Key Features

The Kumkumadi Oil makes it a highly useful natural cosmetic product that can help nourish the skin. The Kumkumadi Face Oil, when used regularly, can help in making the skin healthy, radiant, and soft. Some of the features of this oil include:

A natural solution for overall skin health

Evens skin tone

Moisturises skin and dry patches

Enhances quality of the skin

Supports graceful aging benefits

Kumkumadi Oil/Tailam Ingredients

Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Licorice or Mulethi is a common ingredient in Indian kitchens

Great for sensitive skin, Helps the skin sustain natural brightness, This is one among the group of 10 herbs called the Jeevaneeya Gana (10 herbs) that help your skin age in a natural and graceful way, It is also a part of the Varnya group of herbs that are good for the skin

Yashtimadhu is one of the Ayurvedic ingredients that is believed to be especially good at reducing Pitta imbalance.

It is a Kandhugna herb that helps soothe irritated skin. It pacifies the aggravated Pitta and Vata Dosha. Lal Chandan (Pterocarpus Santalinus), Red sandalwood, Possess antibacterial properties, Moisturizes dry skin, Soothes sunburn, It helps optimise the Kapha and Pitta Doshas, It has a cooling effect that helps soothe conditions such as skin irritation and sunburn, It is used traditionally to achieve a glowing complexion, 

Kumkum (Crocus sativus)

Saffron is a traditional ingredient in both food and skincare that is said to help in the natural ageing process.

Improves skin radiance

Naturally brightens your skin

Gives a luminous complexion

It is a traditional home remedy for glowing skin and complexion. 

It supports the three Doshas

Kamal Kesar (Nelumbo Nucifera)

Hydrates and supports natural skin elasticity

Soothes irritated skin

It enhances the natural brightness of the skin  

Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) Manjistha is also known as Indian madder. It is one of the well-known Ayurvedic herbs used to treat skin diseases. It helps to purify the blood and hence can help cleanse your skin. It helps bring Pitta and Kapha doshas to their optimal levels. It is categorized as a Varnya, a herb that can help maintain healthy skin tone and complexion. It helps to improve skin health.

Sweta Chandana (Santalum album): Sweta Chandana is also known as Sandalwood. The oil extracted from the sandalwood tree is aromatic and is used to prepare cosmetic products. It is helpful in improving skin complexion. It is used to soothe irritated the skin. It can help in detoxifying blood, which can be helpful in improving skin health. It is a coolant herb. It helps keep a check at the optimal levels of Pitta and Kapha doshas

Nisha (Curcuma longa): Nisha is also commonly known as turmeric, a well-known spice. It helps to improve blood circulation and thus nourishes the skin. It helps maintain the accurate levels of all the three doshas. It supports normal skin complexion

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