Kerala Ayurveda Forest Honey - 300g

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Kerala Ayurveda Forest Honey is ethically harvested from the bee hives of honey bee Apis dorsata located in the pristine deep forests of India. Wild bees procure nectar in their natural habitat from thick and luscious forests blessed with multiflora and medicinal herbs away from civilization, and pollution. This honey is then sustainably sourced and hygienically packed in glass bottles by our skilled honey collectors. Honey is considered as potent as Amrita or the divine nectar according to Ayurveda because of its immense healing properties. Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids it boosts immunity soothes sore throat and promotes cleansing of the body. 100percent Natural non GMO unrefined unprocessed and free from additives or harmful preservatives the earthy flavour of Kerala Ayurveda Forest Honey is the perfect breakfast accompaniment to kick start your day use it to sweeten your morning tea spread over your toast or top your pancakes guilt free.
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