Magnetic Twisted Copper Bracelet

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Do NOT Be Fooled By Imitations Or Knockoffs. Many companies claim to have Copper Magnetic Bracelets but they don't even test to ensure the highest purity. We GUARANTEE that our bracelets are 99.9percent PURE Copper with powerful therapeutic magnets for additional benefits. DESIGNED FOR HEALING PURPOSES - The combination of pure copper and magnets are designed to increase body flow to the hands and help relieve arthritis and back pain. This is a copper bracelet for men and for women. MAXIMUM PAIN MANAGEMENT - Delivers pain management directly to the source of inflammation for relief and recovery of pains associated with arthritis, golfing, carpal tunnel, RSI, sprains, wrist tendonitis, and more. Plus our open design is easily adjustable to any wrist size with just a light squeeze. 2 THERAPEUTIC MAGNETS STRATEGICALLY PLACED CLOSE TO THE WRIST because they are designed to help increase body flow to the nearby joints and bring healing nutrients such as iron and vitamin C. They are also believed to help balance the bio-energy fields in the wrist and surrounding bodys. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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Metal - Copper. Sex - Unisex. Design - Twisted with magnet. Size - inside 6.5CM. Copper bracelet handcrafted by pure 100% copper. Enjoy various health benefits of copper bracelet. Magnet is added to have extra benefit of wearing the bracelet.

Hand made, Copper is Quality checked and Despatched in 2 weeks